Roundtable Sessions Hosted By Family Offices

Attracting family office capital for start-ups

– How to approach family offices – do’s and don’t’s.
– Why family office capital is the best option for your start-up.
– Success stories of start-ups and the family offices who invested in them.

Investing in technology and its effect on employment

– Are machines really replacing workers? Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about investing in new technology.
– How to choose the most ethical new technologies to invest in.
– Future trends in emerging workplace technology.

Retail Business

– New trends in retail investment.
– International retail opportunities and how to find them.
– How to add a retail arm to your business.

The importance of branding for family offices

– What makes a brilliant and long-lasting family office brand?
– How to begin branding or re-branding your family office.
– How much difference can branding make to your family office’s current image and future legacy?

Finding work-life balance in a Family Office

– How to avoid burnout when working within a family office.
– Setting and maintaining boundaries between professional and personal life.
– How to find the perfect balance for you.