24-25 October 2021

Mandarin Oriental Jumeira


Now in its Eighth edition, the Middle East Family Office Investment Summit is a firm fixture in the calendar of the most prominent and influential families in the region – as well as those who want to do business with them.

Family Offices
Me Family Office Summit Welcome

We have had many requests to confirm that we will continue with our in-person Middle East Family Office Summit series, and we are grateful for the eagerness of our friends and colleagues within the global family office network. 

While virtual events are of course possible, we have many years of experience and feedback from our delegates to tell us that the face-to-face element of our events is what adds the most value for our delegates. Our summits are a great place not only to learn, but also to network and to present opportunities to potential investors in a relaxed and intimate professional environment.  

Due to covid restrictions for our colleagues around the world, we have decided to postpone the summit until 24-25 October 2021, and we look forward to welcoming you then. We will of course be taking the most extensive precautions for the health and safety of delegates and staff. 

Alea Global Group’s Family Office Summits are unique in the Middle East, organised by a Middle East-based family office. Because we are a family office ourselves, the delegates and speakers at our events are themselves actual members of some of the most prominent family offices around the Middle East, and not simply representatives.  

The programme for this latest edition has been created with the forward-facing and globally-focused business in mind. It will cover topics as diverse and essential as humanity and geopolitics, religion in business, healthcare, real estate, digital assets, space exploration, and corporate social responsibility.  

We know how valuable this kind of opportunity can be, so our programme of panels, talks and round table discussions is broken up with strategic breaks for breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner and cocktails, designed for meeting and mingling with key decision-makers from family offices, with our usual highly rewarding 70:30 split of family offices to service providers. 

Our story

The Al Duaij family office has a long and glorious history in Kuwait as one of the most prominent and respected business forces.

The Al Duaij family business, Alea Global Group, has won several awards including The European Award, and the CEO Award two years running. Head of the family office, Mohammad Al Duaij, has won the Man of the Year award for his work building international business relationships.

Through their networks, they have formed strong personal and professional relationships with other family offices across the globe, all sharing much common ground and a willingness to work together.

Mohammad Al Duaij, has been a conference speaker for the past 12 years, appearing at events all over the world. It was during his time touring the conference circuit that Mohammad noticed a gap in the market for events specific to family offices and those who want to meet them.

Bringing together his conference experience, and his special insight into the world’s most prestigious family offices, this conference unites family offices with each other. It also gives business and entrepreneurs unprecedented access to this unique and powerful network.

Highlighted Speakers

Rashid Al Habtoor
Rashid Al Habtoor

CEO & President, Al Habtoor Trading Enterprises & RKH Investments, UAE

Mussaad Al-Razouki.fw
Dr. Mussaad Al Razouki

Chief Business Development Officer, Kuwait Life Sciences, Kuwait

Hawazen Nazieh Nassief

VP ESG and External Affairs, NESR, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Rozana Al Tayyar

Executive Board Member, The International Chamber of Commerce, Saudi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Khalid Al Zayani

Honorary Chairman, Al Zayani Investments, Kingdom of Bahrain

Bader Al Sayer

Director, Al-Sayer Group Holding, Kuwait

Nada Hamad Al Ghurair

Board Member, Al Ghurair, UAE

Waleed AR. BinDawood

Chief Commercial Officer, BinDawood Holding, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Khaled Al Maeena

Quartz & Abeer Medical Group, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Khaled Sharbatly

Managing Partner, Desert Technologies, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Talal Al Ajou

Manager of Investment Department, El-Ajou Family Office, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Hisham M. El Seddik

CEO, Porcellan Tiles, UAE

Diana Hamade

Founder & Managing Partner, Diana Hamade Attorneys at Law, UAE

Omar Al Qattan

Founding Member, A. M. Qattan Foundation & Chair of Al-Hani Construction & Trading Company, Kuwait

Medhat El-Araby

Board Member, Elaraby Group, Egypt

AlDana BaniHashem

Partner, Meritus Development, UAE & Africa

Huda Al Lawatai

CIO, Gateway Partners, UAE

Khaled Al Qurashi

CEO, Quraish Integrated, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mishal Kanoo

Chairman, The Kanoo Group, UAE, Sultanate of Oman

Hanine Younes

Managing Partner, Strategic Advisor – Business Development, MENA

Essam Albakr
Essam Albakr

CEO & Founder, Ejada Investment, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Nadeem Al Duaij

Co-Founder & CEO, Sihaty, Kuwait

Sultan Al Maadeed


Salman Gasim

CEO Swiss Hospitality Company & Board Member, Saudi-Swiss Business Council, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Celeste Lo Turco

SWFS Expert, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saoud A M Al-Furaih

Partner, Merzam Capital Management, Kuwait

Adel Merhab

CIO, Al Fozan Holding CO. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Cyba Audi

Founder & Managing Director, Saba Consultants, UAE

Dina Ahmed Al Jiran

MFO, Kuwait

Dr Sami Alom

Director, Kasamar Holdings, UAE

Adil Ismail Al Zarooni

CEO, Al Zarooni Emirates Investments, UAE

Mohamed (Nagaty) Aboulnaga

Co-Founder & CCO, Halan, Egypt

Mohamed Badr

Alea Global Group, Kuwait

Turki Abdulaziz Alsadhan

CEO, Al Sadhan Group, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Abdulsalam Alkuwaity

CEO, SEA Ventures, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Adel Edris Alawadhi

Executive Chairman, The Corporate Group, UAE

Khalid AlQoud

Chairman, AlQoud Enterprise & Bahrain CSR Society, Kingdom of Bahrain

Faisal Hasan

CFA, Investment Strategist, UAE

Leah Zveglich

Aster Impact, USA

Sunil Dhall, CFA

Co-Chief Investment Officer, Bhansali SFO, UAE

Soha Afify

Business and Corporate Affairs, Media and Arts, UAE

Ahmed Elhazek

President, Elhazek Hotels & Developments Worldwide, Egypt

Yasser Al Barami

CEO, Mubbadrah Investment, Sultanate Oman

Prieur du Plessis

Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Barak Fund Management, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Omar W. AlHandal

Managing Director, AlHandal, Iraq & UAE

Basim Habib

Head of Research, Middle East, Preqin, UAE

Previous esteemed speakers

Every edition of the Middle East Family Office Investment Summit attracts prestigious speakers from the Middle East.

Click here to see some of the world class names who have contributed to our previous events.

Summit agenda

16:00 Registration

Registration, Networking, one-on-one meetings, with refreshments & delicacies. 

16:50 Welcome

Chairman welcome and opening remarks.

17:00 Humanity versus Geopolitics

– Is there any role or place for political manoeuvres during a global crisis?
– Saving the economy at what cost?: balancing a nation’s immediate safety and long-term prosperity.
– How family offices can lead our nations to join forces when the whole world is threatened.
– The business of humanity: how we can support health and social care effectively.

– Finding common ground: the global collaborative success stories in the last 18 months

17:30 Egypt’s bright future for family offices

– How Egypt’s most prominent family offices are leading the country into new prosperity.
– The family offices you need to know about when investing in Egypt.
– How Egypt’s family offices contribute socially to the society.
– As the next-Gen; how you are facing the new challenges.
– Will the family offices have more impact in the Egyptian economy in the coming few year.

18:15 Religion in business: a crash course for the uninitiated

– The key ways religion influences business practices around the world. 
– Respecting, understanding and working with collaborators of different faiths.
– The business world as an example for harmonious global relations.

19:00 Roundtable Discussions

With peer learning and interaction in mind, these 60- minute breakout sessions are designed to promote the sharing of experiences and brainstorming of ideas in facilitated and balanced discussions.

20:00 Special Networking Dinner

A chance to network in an informal setting and discuss the day’s events over dinner.

8:30 Registration

Registration, Networking, one-on-one meetings, with refreshments & delicacies. 

09:20 Welcome

Chairman welcome and opening remarks.

09:30 Rashid Al Habtoor – Passing On The Knowledge

– What general advice the younger generations of family offices need to steer them in the right direction .
– What lessons did you yourself learn from the pandemic and how will it affect the knowledge you pass on.
– What are the most important things your career has taught you 

An interview with Rashid Al Habtoor, CEO & President, Al Habtoor Trading Enterprises & RKH Investments, UAE.

10:10 Healthcare in the Gulf – an investment opportunity

– Emerging trends in global healthcare, and their impact on the Gulf region.
– New medical technology and how it will transform our healthcare services.
– The merging of sectors, as healthcare looks to other industries to solve problems.
– Public and private healthcare across the region and the differing needs of both.

10:30 What do your investments say about you?

– What makes a good private equity investment vs a good venture capital investment?
– Red flags to look out for before you invest in either case.
– How to make your start-up or existing business an attractive prospect for investors.
– As a family office, how should you be looking to invest?

11:00 Family Offices lead globalisation by venturing into frontier markets

– Why family offices are perfectly placed to explored new frontier markets.
– A detailed look at frontier markets including Africa, post-Brexit Europe, Asia, South East Asia, India and China.
– Success stories of family offices who have done well in frontier markets of the past.

11:30 Networking Break

Morning networking coffee break.

12:00 Digital Assets / Cryptocurrency

– Comparing the main players in the crypto market.
– How covid has accelerated the rise of digital currencies.
– How to prepare your business for a digital currency model.

12:30 The changing face of Corporate Social Responsibility

– What does CSR look like in 2021?
– CSR’s journey from self-regulated good to legal obligation.
– Choosing a CSR strategy that works for you.

13:00 Put your own mask on first: making nations self-sufficient for the greater good
– Identifying the gaps in national self-sufficiency.
– How family offices can help their own regions to manage a crisis.
– Back to basics with investment in agriculture, energy and health.

– What we can learn from the countries who manage isolation well.

13:20 The next big thing

Our pick of the best investment opportunities for the next 6 months.

13:40 Networking Lunch

A chance to meet and discuss the morning’s sessions over lunch.

14:30 Space: the new emerging market

– It’s not all about a dying planet – some positive reasons to look at space exploration.
– Space investment for cross-border unification and financial reward.
– The companies making the most effective and fastest progress in space exploration for business.

14:50 Effective Wealth Preservation and how to achieve it

– How to assess and minimise risks with a smart investment strategy.
– What restriction are you working against? The obstacles you face and how to circumnavigate them.
– Diversification is key: how to use it to your advantage.
– Managing international cash movement for wealth preservation.
– Balancing assets and liquidity for flexiblity and security.

15:20 Attracting Family Office Capital for Start-ups

– How to approach family offices – do’s and don’t’s.
– Why family office capital is the best option for your start-up.
– Success stories of start-ups and the family offices who invested in them.

15:40 Real Estate in a Post-Covid World 

– The changing landscape of real estate in a post-covid world.
– Global hotspots for real estate investment.
– How city centre real estate opportunities will change over the next 5-10 years.

16:00 Networking Break

Afternoon networking coffee break.

16:30 Roundtable sessions hosted by family offices

Table one: The end of ‘a job for life’?: professional diversification and millennial career aspirations.

Table two: The best practice for work-life balance at the highest levels of responsibility.

Table three: The importance of branding for family offices.

Table four: Education – a business, an ideology, and a social good.

Table five: Retail business post Covid. 

Table six: Venture capital made easier.

Table seven: Sport as an investment prospect.

17:40 Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks For the summit.

17:50 Cocktail Reception

A Cocktail reception with the chance to network in a n informal setting and discuss the summit.

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