7-8 November 2022

Mandarin Oriental Jumeira


Now in its Ninth edition, the Middle East Family Office Investment Summit is a firm fixture in the calendar of the most prominent and influential families in the region – as well as those who want to do business with them.

Family Offices
Me Family Office Summit Welcome

As we plan to head to Dubai again in 2022, we do it with a fresh sense of possibility and purpose. Our agenda and exclusive list of invited delegates reflects the best of opportunities available to the modern family office and those who want to do business with them.

Being a family office ourselves, we are in a position to invite other family offices to gather together, and to introduce the service providers who want to meet and work with them.

Networking is easy at Alea Global Group events, it’s what we’re known for. We create an informal and inspiring atmosphere in which new business partnerships can begin with ease.

So we will see you in person in Dubai for a programme of panels, talks and round table discussions is broken up with strategic breaks for breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner and cocktails, designed for meeting and mingling with key decision-makers from family offices, with our usual highly rewarding 70:30 split of family offices to service providers.

We know that our strength is in what happens in the room when we bring our special mix of delegates together. That is where the magic happens, and it is a magic that is exclusive to Alea events.

Our story

The Al Duaij family office has a long and glorious history in Kuwait as one of the most prominent and respected business forces.

The Al Duaij family business, Alea Global Group, has won several awards including The European Award, and the CEO Award two years running. Head of the family office, Mohammad Al Duaij, has won the Man of the Year award for his work building international business relationships.

Through their networks, they have formed strong personal and professional relationships with other family offices across the globe, all sharing much common ground and a willingness to work together.

Mohammad Al Duaij, has been a conference speaker for the past 12 years, appearing at events all over the world. It was during his time touring the conference circuit that Mohammad noticed a gap in the market for events specific to family offices and those who want to meet them.

Bringing together his conference experience, and his special insight into the world’s most prestigious family offices, this conference unites family offices with each other. It also gives business and entrepreneurs unprecedented access to this unique and powerful network.

Previous Highlighted Speakers

Rashid Al Habtoor
Rashid Al Habtoor

CEO & President, Al Habtoor Trading Enterprises & RKH Investments, UAE

Mussaad Al-Razouki.fw
Dr. Mussaad Al Razouki

Chief Business Development Officer, Kuwait Life Sciences, Kuwait

Sheikha Alanoud Bint Hamad Al-Thani
Sheikha Alanoud Bint Hamad Al-Thani

Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Business Officer, Qatar Financial Centre, Qatar

Rozana Al Tayyar

Founder & Managing Director, Taswea Financial Consultancy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Bader Al Sayer

Director, Al-Sayer Group Holding, Kuwait

Medhat El-Araby

Vice President, El Araby Group of Companies and Factories, Egypt

Dalia Ibrahim

CEO & MD, Nahdet Misr Publishing & Founder & CEO, Edventures, Egypt

Yasser Al Saheal

ASFO, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Hossam Al Sallab

CEO, Royal Ceramica, Vice Chair, Mostafa Elsallab Group, Egypt

Khaled Al Maeena

Quartz & Abeer Medical Group, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Waleed AR. BinDawood

Chief Commercial Officer, BinDawood Holding, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Nada Hamad Al Ghurair

Board Member, Al Ghurair, UAE

Diana Hamade

Founder & Managing Partner, Diana Hamade Attorneys at Law, UAE

Huda Al Lawatai

CEO, Aliph Capital, UAE

Ahmad Al Ameeri

CEO, Al Ameeri Group Holding, Kuwait

Sultan Al Maadeed


AlDana BaniHashem

Partner, Meritus Development, UAE & Africa

Maha Al Fahim

NextGen Investor, Al Fahim Family, UAE

Hawazen Nazieh Nassief

VP ESG and External Affairs, NESR, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Salman Gasim

CEO, Swiss Hospitality Company and STTAR Institute, Board Member, Saudi-French Business Council

Dr. Hisham M. El Seddik

CEO, Porcellan Tiles, UAE

Dr. Nadeem Al Duaij

Co-Founder & CEO, Sihaty, Kuwait

Khaled Sharbatly

Managing Partner, Desert Technologies, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Hanine M . Younes

Managing Partner, MENA Partners, Strategic Advisor & Executive Business Development, MENA

Dr Adil Ismail Al Zarooni

CEO, Al Zarooni Emirates Investments, UAE

Mohamed (Nagaty) Aboulnaga

Co-Founder, Halan &, Co-Founder, Klivvr, Egypt

Dr. Celeste Lo Turco

SWFS Expert, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Maha Ashour

CEO, CTO, Metawave, USA

Omar W. AlHandal

Managing Director, AlHandal, Iraq & UAE

Saoud A M Al-Furaih

Partner, Merzam Capital Management, Kuwait

Lina K Al Maeena

Co-founder & Executive Partner, JUSC, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Yasser Al Barami

CEO, Mubbadrah Investment, Sultanate Oman

Dr. Ahmed Alungal

Executive Director, Abeer Medical Medical Group, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Khalid AlQoud

Chairman, AlQoud Enterprise & Bahrain CSR Society, Kingdom of Bahrain

Maurice Gravier

CIO, Emirates NBD, UAE

Ibtisam Al Jashmi

Managing Partner, Sabeen Group, Sultanate Oman

Fahad Al Gergawi


Dr Sami Alom

Director, Kasamar Holdings, UAE

Soha Afify

Public Relations Consultant and Media Advisor, UAE

Leah Zveglich

Aster Impact, USA

Riccardo Hosri


Turki Abdulaziz Alsadhan

CEO, Al Sadhan Group, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Basim Habib

Head of Research, Middle East, Preqin, UAE

Adel Merhab

CIO, Al Fozan Holding CO. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Essam Albakr
Essam Albakr

CEO & Founder, Ejada Investment, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Sunil Dhall, CFA

Advisor, PPIL, Europe

Rabih I. Khoury

General Partner & Chief Exit Officer, Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP), UAE

Adel Edris Alawadhi

Executive Chairman, The Corporate Group, UAE

Mohamed Badr

Alea Global Group, Kuwait

Omar Malaikah

CEO, Quantum Platform, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Ali Mizani Oskui

Founder, FiCAS AG, Switzerland

Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi

Chairman, FiCAS AG, Switzerland

Prieur du Plessis

Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Barak Fund Management, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dominic Briggs

Co-Founder & General Partner, Blockwall, Germany

Previous esteemed speakers

Every edition of the Middle East Family Office Investment Summit attracts prestigious speakers from the Middle East.

Click here to see some of the world class names who have contributed to our previous events.

Summit agenda

16:00 Registration

Registration, Networking and one-on-one meetings.

17:00 Welcome

Chairman welcome and opening remarks.

17:10 Family Offices who not only survived but thrived during the pandemic

  • Examples of family offices who thrived during the pandemic
  • What can we learn from their successes and challenges?
  • The positive impact of family offices at a crucial point in history

17:50 The People’s Game: Professional Soccer as a Global Platform for Social Change

  • How soccer is working with its communities at the grass roots level around the world 
  • Driving diversity: soccer as a unifying force in divided times
  • Opportunities for women and girls at all levels of the game 
  • Soccer and education: how the two are linked through projects to improve life opportunities for
    young people 

18:30 Open discussion: As the Middle East presents story after story of massive investment and
cultural development, could it soon be the dominant global power in some key sectors? How
realistic and important is an EU-style unity between Middle Eastern countries in order to achieve

19:00 Roundtable Discussions

With peer learning and interaction in mind, these 60-minute breakout sessions are designed to
promote the sharing of experiences and brainstorming of ideas in facilitated and balanced

20:00 Networking Dinner

A chance to network in an informal setting and discuss the day’s events over dinner.

08:00 Registration

Registration, Networking and one-on-one meetings

09:30 Welcome

Chairman welcome and opening remarks.

09:45 Post-covid asset allocation and innovative investment ideas

  • The reliable but less exciting investments you might not have considered
  • Areas of innovation to dive into right now
  • How the pandemic has changed our outlook on short and long term investment prospects 

10:15 From NFTs to precious metals, how to preserve your wealth in 2022

  • How do NFTs fit into the current and future wealth preservation landscape?
  • Where should gold and silver fit into your wealth preservation plans?
  • The increasing personalisation trends in wealth preservation services

11:00 Networking Break

Morning networking coffee break.
11:30 How the drop-in office will change the real estate landscape as we know it

  • How the pandemic plus the gig economy created new demand for casual office spaces
  • How co-working spaces can benefit a good work-life balance
  • What does the co-working space of the future need to provide?
  • How the rise of co-working spaces will affect the broader real estate ecosystem 

12:15 The next steps in private equity 

  • What themes can we expect to see among post-pandemic startups?
  • Healthcare, vehicles, and other sectors to look out for in 2022
  • Transparency, decentralisation and more factors that will affect private equity 

12:45 The next big thing

Our pick of the best investment opportunities for the next 6 months.

13:15 Networking Lunch

A chance to meet and discuss the morning’s sessions over lunch. 
14:30 Digital currency
Digital currency is here to stay, so how do we integrate it effectively? 

  • Digital currency and governments, can the two play nicely?
  • Maximising your security in an unpredictable market 
  • How will digital currency affect other areas of the economy in unexpected ways? 

15:00 Open Discussion

Different cultures and religions but common goals, how can family offices
best work together to overcome obstacles?
15:45 Measuring the true impact of COVID

  • Are we through the worst of the pandemic in terms of economic recovery? Or is there more to come?
  • Caution or confidence? Which is more important now?
  • The potential short and long term impact we’re yet to see

16:15 Networking Break

Afternoon networking coffee break 
16:45 Roundtable sessions hosted by family offices

  • How important is culture to our economy really? 
  • Private equity: an exchange of advice and experience to guide your options 
  • As climate concerns battle economic investment, will there be no more travel, or an international tourism boom? 
  • National identity versus regional identity: how do you prefer to present your business on a
    global stage? 
  • How important is currency to our sense of history and identity, and what are the pros and cons of losing our national currencies?
  • Virtual reality as pre-purchase research, how can it help to boost tourism, real estate and
    other major purchases?
  • What mental health issues can we expect to deal with in the wake of the pandemic, and how can we support people at a national and international level?

17:30 Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks For the summit.

17:40 Cocktail Reception

A Cocktail reception with the chance to network in an informal setting and discuss the summit.

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