“I think it’s a great collection of people and speakers. It’s been very engaging. I think the format and the size is perfect because you get to talk to a lot of people and learn from everyone. But at the same time it’s big enough that it’s a diverse presence. You really get a good cross section of what’s happening in our markets.”
Huda Al Lawati
CIO, Gateway Partners, UAE
“It was a very nice event. We did a lot of socializing here, and there were lots of topics in common. We all got to meet a lot of colleagues and family offices here in the Gulf.”
Majed M Al Tahan
Founder & CEO, AYM, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
“I’m in love with this summit. It’s a very nice collection of practitioners, investors and family offices. It’s an amazing networking and learning experience.”
Hawazen Nazieh Nassief
Environmental, Social, and Governance Director, NESR, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
“The content of this event has been phenomenal. All the topics we have discussed and hearing from the panelists and the discussions that have been happened… is very exciting. It’s interesting to see how new ideas and new innovations are coming with the family offices.”
Ahmad AR. BinDawood
CEO, Danube & BinDawood, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
“Wonderful! The summit has been very well-attended. People are very open-minded and thinking about new ideas.”
Benson Tam
Chairman & Founding Partner, Venturous Group, China
“A unique gathering of like-minded professionals and families in an incredible venue, conducive to the creation of long lasting partnerships, the informal exchange of best practices and the discover of new realities and innovative ways to do business. A must for all the family offices of the Region and not, an unmissable experience.”
Dr. Celeste Lo Turco
Future Group Holding, UAE
“Perhaps the most notable aspects of the conference are the quality of the attendees, the harmony in the group, and the single degree of separation between everyone. I have met great people who share my background and experience in their own ways, and from around the world. I learned many new lessons from the experiences in family business governance, mental health, education, and energy. ”
Khaled Al Sharbatly
Desert Technologies, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
“This annual convention of the region's family businesses and private wealth management advisory firms resulted in an interesting and lively discussion on the Saudi economy, and other topics of relevance for investors in the Middle East.”
Ziad Daoud
Chief Middle East Economist, Bloomberg Economics, UAE
“This event provides an excellent platform to have very candid and constructive discussions on some of the key issues - challenges and opportunities - that are having a very direct impact on the development and success of family offices. There are not many opportunities to have this type of conversations. The panel sessions are particularly interesting and insightful.”
Maria Cohn
FTI Consulting, UAE
“The (event) really stands out. Relevant and interesting content, engaging speakers, good settings and most importantly a fantastic atmosphere, collegiate and honest. Attendees from many sectors come together and discuss the future with real care for impact – not only great for business but also very inspiring.”
Martin Tidestrom
Director of Business Development, ADGM, UAE
“The Middle East Family Office Investment Summit is one of my favorite conferences to attend for several reasons. It is truly focused on the Middle East. Most of the attendees are from the Middle East and people who are active in the region. The organizer, Mohammad Al Duaj, is from the Middle East with passion and commitment to the region. The ratio of family offices (investors) vs. investment companies (sellers) is just right that you meet quality people.”
Leah Zveglich
Founding Partner, The Aster Club, USA
“Once again it has been our pleasure to have attended the latest ME Family Office Summit in Dubai and as always, we were impressed and amazed as to the level of quality your team present and prepare. The content, speakers, venue, food and level of professionalism shown is second to none. We will continue to support the ME Family Office Summit, the leader and best of its kind in the region and beyond. Congratulations once again on a very successful 2-day event and we look forward to seeing you all once again later this year at the next Summit.”
Debbie Gispan & Nicky Sakpoba
Panoba UK Education & Lifestyle, UK
“Wonderful gathering, great speakers, lots of valuable info to ponder. Thank you for making it happen.”
Hisham Al Gurg
CEO, The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, UAE
“Thank you very much for the awesome venue, organisation and distinguished audience.”
Dr. Carmelo Bisognano
360 Impact Finance, Switzerland
“It’s a great networking event. This is my third attendance and every time is always an add value for me.”
Bader Al Sayer
Director, Al Sayer Group Holding, Kuwait